Haircuts and Styling

Hair Cutting at Partners Hair and Beauty Salon in Dundee

The right hair cut to compliment you!

At Partners Hair and Beauty, we take great pride in delivering precise and flawless hair cuts. Our style team at our hairdressing salon in Dundee are highly skilled and work devotedly with you to ensure the style and look that you want is achieved every time.

It’s great to look to the current hair and beauty trends that we’re seeing in fashion magazines and on the catwalks. After all, we all want a fashionable and on trend hair style. But it’s also worth thinking about what suits you and your individual style. If you want a fringe, go for it! Or if you want to grow your hair out super long – do it! We are here to work with you and it’s our job to establish what it is that YOU want!

If you need it, we will offer our expert guidance too and recommend styles that we think will compliment your face shape and facial features. If you wish to hide any facial imperfections with a new hair style, then please talk to us about this and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Remember, your hair cut and hair style is one of your biggest statements to the world, so whatever you’re trying to say, say it loud and say it proud!

Hair Cutting for Short Hair

Whether you’re considering a beautiful bob, an elegant pixie cut or a stand-out crop hair style, our professional team guarantee flawless and impeccable hair cuts every single time. A cut like the “pixie” style can dramatically accentuate facial features; it can really add definition to a stunning jaw line or can delicately and softly add shape to your face.

Short hair styles do normally require a level of daily maintenance, so it is prudent to consider this additional hair styling time that you may need to incorporate into your daily beauty regime. Your stylist will talk to you about regular maintenance and upkeep required for your stunning new short hair cut and style.

Medium-length Hair Cuts

Having medium length hair allows you to have a wealth of versatility. If you have a busy lifestyle (work or social), and don’t get the time (or have the time!) to spend as much time on your hair as you would like, then having medium length hair is probably what you need!

With chin-to-shoulder length hair, it can be styled up, down, straight, curly and your hair will be easy to maintain as the length is fairly low maintenance. Having hair of medium length is also incredibly easy to manage on a day-to-day basis; hair can be washed quickly and styled in a variety of easy and stylish trends. And when you have more time (at the weekend or perhaps for a special occasion) you have a fantastic amount of length and volume to create a stand-out style.

Hair Cutting for Long Hair

When you have long-length hair, the styling possibilities are endless – you really can do it all! Long hair can be styled into curls and waves, blow-dried straight and with volume or it can be plaited and wrapped into a stylish on-trend bun or top-knot.

Having long hair has always been particularly sought after and nowadays hair extensions (which can be purchased from a number of independent retailers and online) are often used to add additional length and volume to shorter hair. Ensure to keep you long hair looking healthy, shiny and in fantastic condition with regular hair trims and maintenance.

Men’s Hair Cutting

Our hair stylists use the finest barbering skills to deliver precise hair cuts and styles for our male clientele. From classic and established men’s hair cuts to current and modern hair styles, our hair stylists ensure a professional cut every time. To book your hairstyle appointment at our hair salon in Dundee, give one of our friendly team a call on 01382 597052 or 0800 0126 053