Eyebrow and Eyelash Treatments

At Partners Hair and Beauty Salon in Dundee we offer a selection of Eyebrow and Eyelash Treatments including shaping and tinting. Contact us today to discuss your requirement for these beauty treatments.

Eyes – prices

Eyebrow shape (wax or tweeze)£9.00
Eyebrow tint*£6.00
Eyelash Tint£10.00
Eyecare package (shape, brow and lash tint)£24.00

Eyebrow Treatments

For eyebrow maintenance, we offer the following beauty treatments:

Eyebrow Shape (Tweeze or Wax)

Eyebrows shape our faces and they give great definition to the eye area, so it’s important that our eyebrows are the right shape. A beauty therapist will look at the current shape of your eyebrows and discuss with you what shape you have in mind for your eyebrows, for example, full and dark eyebrows (also known as the “Scousebrow”) are very popular at the moment. We will also discuss with you if you have any preference over wax or tweezers and we may use a combination of both tools to achieve the desired eyebrow shape.

Eyebrow Tint

If you have light or fair eyebrows, opting for a slightly darker tint on your brows can have an incredible impact. An eyebrow tint takes only a few minutes but will give your eyes an added depth and seriously enhance the appearance of your eye area. An eyebrow tint will last for around 4 weeks.

Eyelash Treatments

For maintenance of your eyelashes, we offer the following beauty services:

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is semi-permanently dyeing your eyelashes to make them darker.  An eyelash tint will remove the need for mascara plus, an eyelash tint is water-proof so there’s no need to worry about getting caught in the rain, chopping onions or having a good cry! Both your top and bottom lashes can be tinted and the eyelash tint will last for around 6 weeks.